Emotions matter... They really matter immensely for all of us and especially for children! Emotions influence our learning, memory, attention, relationships, decision-making and above all our physical & mental wellbeing. The recent scientific studies about Emotions reveal that Emotions either HELP us or HURT us. If we have certain set of skills well known as 'Emotional Intelligence Skills' (EQ skills), emotions will actually HELP us thrive in this world full of challenges & opportunities. EQ skills are the most fundamental skills everyone needs to function effectively in todays world. The key is how we "Make Friends with Emotions "! At EQUIPKIDS we are making this vision a reality!!

    EQUIP KIDS, is a premier organizati

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October 15,2017
ध्यास भावनिक साक्षरतेचा
ध्यास भावनिक साक्षरतेचा - लोकम more
October 15,2017
Happy Streets
City takes to adventure sports, yoga and more at Happy Streets more
October 01,2017
आशावादी व्हा मानसिक लसीकरण घ्या !! थेट-भेट
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